Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, my 4 year old has started waking up crying and/or screaming in the middle of the night saying she's had a bad dream. It is getting to be an almost nightly occurance. One time, I was locked in a cage and she and my 2 year old couldn't get to me. Another time, she had a dream about a crocodile who bit off my leg (try not to laugh). Any suggestions on helping her? I'm sure it's a phase and will pass, but what have you done for your kids?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ever shopped here without kids? I did it today, and highly recommend giving it a try :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cleaning the Microwave

My good friend Tesha let me in on this little secret, and I've been meaning to share it for awhile now. Who doesn't hate scrubbing out the microwave, right? Well . . . solution: fill a hot chocolate mug (this one happens to belong to Michael Scott) with water, and put it in on high for about 5 or 6 minutes. It will boil and bubble over, but everything gets so steamy, all the goop just wipes right out! It has changed my life :) Try it!

Son of Man

My very favorite artist (Liz Lemon Swindle), and one of my very favorite singers/composers (Kenneth Cope), along with Susan Easton Black are working on a project together called the "Son of Man Project". I am so excited for this to be completed!! When you have a couple minutes to spare (which we all have plenty of, wink wink), click here and you can have a little preview!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hey, all moms with heads of girls' hair to do! Check these out. I REALLY want to try these. If any of you already have, tell me how you like them! If they're half as cool as they look, I'm sold!

Click Here


I have always been a total Edward fan, but I must say that Jacob is looking mighty nice . . . I can't wait! But I learned from the Twilight movie that this time I will NOT be taking my hubby :)

Click here to watch the Trailer!


What kind of TV rules to you have for your kiddos? Also, those of you with small children, what do you do with them while you're trying to accomplish things around the house such as cleaning or fixing a meal? (You'd think I'd have these things figured out by now. I'm always open for suggestions, though.)

And, any suggestions on where I can find a good job chart?

Can you tell what kind of issues we're having at our house? Lazy days filled with too much TV! I really want to teach my kids to work, but its SOOOOO much easier and much faster for me to just do things myself. So I'm thinking I need a few suggestions to help me along my way! Anything will be appreciated. THANKS!

To Begin

I decided to start this blog so that my other one can be completely dedicated to the activities and events of my family (more journal style). This is where I'll put my thoughts, questions, tips, and any other bit of randomness I come across!!
I included four posts from my other blog, to get me started :)