Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, my 4 year old has started waking up crying and/or screaming in the middle of the night saying she's had a bad dream. It is getting to be an almost nightly occurance. One time, I was locked in a cage and she and my 2 year old couldn't get to me. Another time, she had a dream about a crocodile who bit off my leg (try not to laugh). Any suggestions on helping her? I'm sure it's a phase and will pass, but what have you done for your kids?


Tesha said...

I've heard eating late at night can cause bad dreams ~ yours go to bed pretty early so that may not be the cause. I bought the primary cd's and play them softly as they are going to sleep, it seems to help them relax. Gracey and I always have her "private prayer" as she calls it, when either one of us say a prayer asking for sweet dreams ;)

Amy said...

Has she seen a show lately about anything like that? That seems to trigger my kids. I agree with Tesha about the music and prayer. Jared recently bought a dream catcher on our vacation (kind of a funny choice I thought), but they seem to think it really works after they read the instructions.

Randi Burton said...

Good luck, I still have nightmares! Maybe have Zach give her a blessing or something. I heard that having a piece of toast or something before bed can help