Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blog Printing

Can anyone tell me how to go about getting my blog printed? I know of several people who have gotten it done, but I have no idea where to start. Also, what should I expect to pay for it? Any suggestions?


Jennie said...

Hey there. I found you through Allison's blog.

I print my blog through Blurb. It isn't perfect, but it is the best and easiest I've found.

I would recommend using their largest size - I think 12X12. I printed my first book in 8.5X11 and wished I would have paid a little bit more for the bigger size.

Good luck. ~ Jennie

Ticey said...

I also print mine through blurb. I like it! Also with prices I don't think I can give you an exact price because it depends how many pages you print. But I think to get it printed into a hard cover book in color it isn't bad at all. Plus I say it is my memories so I will for sure pay it!!